Friday, 27 March 2015

Baroness Chocolate Bar Review

I had the chance to try out the Aiyaaaa! chocolate bar from Baroness Chocolate. As a Capital City Girl, I was happy to learn that Baroness Chocolate is not only Canadian, but they are also produced in Ottawa. Baroness Chocolates is the company that makes the famous gold wrapped chocolate bar. 
The Aiyaaaa is a dark milk chocolate with almonds, sea salt and butterscotch. It's made with organic fair trade ingredients. Guilt free chocolate, what more can you ask for?
Although the picture of the chocolate on the wrapper shows a chocolate bar with nuts and sea salt on top of the bar, these ingredients are actually enveloped by the chocolate. 
The chocolate bar itself is divided into rows that you can break apart, but I had a hard time breaking the pieces cleanly and ended up just biting into the whole bar instead (classy, right?). The chocolate bar had just the right enough amount of snap to it and the mix of milk and dark chocolate was just perfect.

Overall, the Baroness Aiyaaaa! chocolate bar is a high quality chocolate bar that is ranked pretty high in my books right now.

I recommend trying it out! 

Until next time,

~Capital City Girl

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