Friday, 31 March 2017

Top 5 Birthday Freebies in Ottawa

My birthday is quickly approaching... and what always makes it even better are all the birthday freebies we are blessed with. Here's my list of top 5 birthday freebies in Ottawa:

  1. Sephora - Join their Beauty Insiders Club and get a free gift during the month of your birthday. It's free to join and no purchase is necessary!
  2. Tucker's Marketplace - Free meal! And it's ALL YOU CAN EAT. It's your birthday, you deserve it!
  3. Booster Juice - Free smoothie of your choice on your birthday.. make sure you sign up for their newsletter at least 2 weeks before your birthday. 
  4. Starbucks - Free drink for those that have a registered gift card.
  5. Denny's - Free meal on your birthday!
Happy birthday!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I've been using the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion for the past 6 months and have noticed that my skin is less prone to itchiness. During winter, I tend to get dry flaky skin, but since using Aveeno after my daily shower, this has decreased significantly. 

What I love about this lotion is that it is moisturizing, scent free and non-greasy. I find that the pump bottles are easier to handle. I leave a bottle on top of my bathroom sink and give it a quick pump whenever my hands are feeling a little dry. 

The ingredient list is relatively short - which is good for those that don't like additives. No parabens or fragrance from what I can see. Bonus - it's made with Canadian oats! I have a girlfriend with eczema who swears by this lotion as well. 

This lotion is a little pricier than some of the other drug store brands but one bottle lasts me months with daily usage. I try to stock up whenever I find them on sale. I can usually find them for under $10 for a 532ml bottle. If you have dry, sensitive or itchy skin, I would definitely recommend giving this a shot! 

-Capital City Girl

Sunday, 13 December 2015

La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV 30 Review

As someone with dry skin will tell you, a good moisturizer is absolutely essential! For me, that facial moisturizer is the Hydraphase UV from La Roche Posay. It's gentle enough for my sensitive and redness prone skin but moisturizing enough for the Canadian winters. 

What drew me to this facial moisturzier initially was it's PPD rating. Apparently this is the highest PPD rated moisturizer without actually being labelled as an actual "sunscreen". It lists the famous Mexorl SX as one of its active ingredients and boasts an SPF protection of 30. 

The consistency of the moisturizer is very light and milky. The velocity of it is between a light serum and lotion. It always goes on clear and doesn't leave any white patches like other moisturizers with SPF usually do. For those that are scent-sensitive, it does have a strong smell. However, the smell is quite pleasant. It would be a good idea for La Roche Posay to make one that's fragrance-free for those in need. 

The packaging of the Hydraphase UV is super convenient for people on the go. It not only comes in a pump style container, but it also comes with a secure lid. Since it's only 50 ML, it meets airline liquid carry-on restrictions. I've had no trouble carrying this on in a Ziploc bag during my travels to Asia. 

I purchased this from Shopper's Drug Mart for $36 but I believe the price has gone up to $38 now. I try to wait until SDM has 20x the points before stocking up again. With daily use, one bottle lasts me about 4 months. Overall, this is a moisturizer that I always coming back to and would recommend it to those who have sensitive skin and want sun protection.  

~Capital City Girl

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Nuit Blanche 2015

Nuit Blanche will be taking place in Ottawa on September 19, 2015 (tonight!). From 7:19PM until 4:20AM, you will be able to admire the creative works of art throughout the city. 

The first stop I will be making will be Byward Market. Where will you be? And more importantly what will you wear?? What I will be wearing to Nuit Blanche tonight...

- Capital City Girl

Old Navy Pixie Pants - J. Crew Minnie Dupe

I fell in love with the J. Crew Martie pants but couldn't bring myself to buy it for the hefty $89 price tag. So naturally.. I was on the hunt for a good dupe. Lo and behold... that was how I discovered the amazing Old Navy Pixie Pants!!!


- Relatively cheap compared to the J. Crew pants. I purchased my first pair in store for $27 after a 30% discount. My second pair, I purchased online for $16! This was after a 40% off one item promotion Old Navy had online a few weeks ago. That means I can buy FIVE (and a half) pairs of the Old Navy Pixie Pants for the same prices as ONE pair of the J. Crew Minnie or Martie Pants. Even at full price, they are less than half the price of the J. Crew Minnies and Marties. 

- Machine washable for those of us who hate going to the dry cleaners every week

- Super comfy and stretchy. These are my go to pants when I'm having a fat day. 


- They WILL shrink if you put them in the dryer, so line dry only! 

- Super addictive, your other pants may feel jealous of your Pixies for getting so much wear. 

Differences between J. Crew and Old Navy Pixie Pants

- Both the J. Crew Minnie and Martie have a side zipper, while the Old Navy Pixies have a regular zipper with a double hook closure. I personally like Old Navy's zipper more for the comfort factor. 

- The Pixies have belt loops while the Minnie and Martie do not have belt loops.

- The Old Navy pants are machine washable, while the Minnies are dry clean only
- and of course the price!

Other than the differences noted above, the fit, feel and material are identical. Both stores use a 95% cotton and 5% spandex composition for the pants. So naturally, your skin will thank you for the breathable fabric. 

Overall, I would prefer buying the Old Navy Pixie Pants in 5 different colours than to invest in one pair of J. Crew pants. Good job Old Navy, you are slowly reeling me in.

The commercials didn't lie!

~Capital City Girl